Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Recent Craftings

I don't know if "craftings" is a real word (And based on Firefox's built-in spell checker, it isn't.) but for today and for my blog post title, it is a word. This week I've finished two projects: a purple bouclé scarf for my mom for Christmas (Yes, I am ahead of the game) and a little tiny turtle for Somer. The scarf was knitted from a beautiful skein of Bernat Soft Bouclé that I picked up while in Penticton a few weeks back, in a colour called The Big Purple. What a fun name, huh? It's 65 inches long and really soft and pretty, at least I think so. I hope my mom does, too! There's no real pattern involved with this bad boy -- I co'd 15 sts on big size US 15 / 10.0 mm needles and knit until the scarf reached my desired length of around 65 inches. I love the big loopy look to it.

The tiny turtle is from a pattern called Tiny Striped Turtle by KristieMN. It was surprisingly easy and quick to make up, and I think it turned out so cute! Somer likes turtles and she's had a rough month or two so I thought I'd surprise her and send a tiny turtle her way to say hello. Don't tell her yet, though... he's so cute I haven't mailed him off just yet hehe. I think my favourite part is his wee little tail poking out. And you probably noticed mine doesn't have a striped shell. Well, crochet is fairly new for me and the idea of switching yarn so often on such a small item kinda intimidated me since I'm not really all that familiar with how changing yarn colour works. Instead I crocheted the entire shell one colour. I'm still on the hunt for safety eyes (Who seem to be hiding from me at Michaels.) so I cut small round eyes out of black felt and hand stitched them on with thread afterwards. He's a cutie!

I've been rather busy this week and doing a little crochet in my spare time (I started on a crochet blanket last night... BIG endeavor for a newbie!) but I'll have a digital scrapping freebie, Part 2 of 2 of the "Healthy Balance" mini kit, for you on Friday. I've also got a few other digi scrap items in the works, they're just not finished and ready yet. Soon! Hope you have a great week :)


Knit Witch said...

The turtle is so cute!!! Great job!!!

Toque (Lesley) said...

awwe you're so sweet! My ability to do this is because of your videos! <3


Not ready for handspun said...

The Big Purple oughta be a Big Hit. It looks great!

Toque (Lesley) said...

Thank you!! <3